Mountain Air Volcanic Scenic Flights

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PO Box 71028, Whakapapa Village, Mt Ruapehu 3951

About Us

Mountain Air is a well established scenic flight operation based at the Chateau Airfield on the edge of the beautiful Tongariro National Park Dual World Heritage Area. Mountain Air was established as a scenic flight operation in 1988 and it has become one of the leading scenic flight operations in the central North Island.

Mountain Air has been owned by Bhrent and Kathy Guy since 2007. Kathy has been involved in the tourism industry for 30 years and has now retired to Taupo. Kathy's extensive knowledge of the tourism industry is invaluable when it comes to giving advice on marketing in the domestic and international markets. Bhrent is the CEO of Mountain Air and Chief Pilot. He is a very experienced pilot having started flying gliders at 19 years of age, a passion he still follows flying in gliding competitions in his own glider. Bhrent has flown in scenic flight operations in the central North Island since 1990 and has extensive knowledge of the cultural and natural environment of the region. He is passionate about flying, Tongariro National Park Dual World Heritage Area and the people of the region. "The environment of Tongariro National Park is amazingly dynamic and exciting with changes on a daily basis and from season to season", said Bhrent, "and we never tire of showing and talking about its marvellous natural and cultural heritage."

Charter flights are an important segment of the company's work. Gas sampling flights around the summit of the active crater of Ruapehu are important in monitoring the volcanic activity of the mountain. Aerial photography is an increasingly important part of the operation as well. But perhaps some of the most important work is tracking New Zealand's iconic kiwi and the very rare Short Tailed Bat from the air using radio tracking devices located on the kiwi and bats.

Bhrent is a passionate environmentalist and introduced a native plant restoration scheme at the Chateau Airfield. Passengers are encouraged to purchase a red tussock to plant around the vicinity of the airfield or the district. Mountain Air subsidises the cost of the plants by 50%. "The area around the airfield was once covered by beautiful tussock grasslands and it is our hope to restore some of this around the airfield," commented Bhrent. “We have planted over 400 tussocks since the scheme started, many of these within Tongariro National Park.”

Mountain Air holds a Qualmark Silver Rating which recognises the efforts to Company makes to reduce its impact on the environment.

Mountain Air’s goal is to provide personalised service in a safe and enjoyable flying environment. “I take particular pride in the training of the young women and men who come and fly with us and then who go onto to fly for major airlines around the world,” said Bhrent. We look forward to flying with you in the near future.