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Mountain Air Scenic Flight News


Celebrating the anniversary of thirty years of friendship, we were joined by Lili and Rose, all the way from Malaysia. Lili and Rose were traveling around New Zealand with a tour group and had stayed in Tongariro National Park for several days, waiting for an opportunity to fly. On their last day in the region we managed to take them for a flight around the Park. Matthew, one of our pilots, was very pleased to help mark this special occasion for them. Congratulations Lili and Rose, I hope your day was filled with happy memories!

Joining us on the flight was Vijay, who works at one of the most iconic hotels in Tongariro National Park, Chateau Tongariro, in Whakapapa Village. The Chateau is a great base for skiers, snow boarders and for people who want to stay in the region to do some of the great walks.


We recently had the pleasure of flying Lynette Sanders and her daughter, Dianne. A fantastic clear, calm day, it was great to see some local Kiwi's take the opportunity to view the stunning volcanic landscape! Our staff are passionate about explaining the cultural heritage and fascinating geology of Tongariro National Park and we recommend that people take the time to experience some of the excellent walks that the region has to offer. It is an awesome tandem to take a flight and also walk the beautiful Tongariro Alpine Crossing.


Our Cessna 172 is a very versatile aircraft and fills a number of roles. As well as carrying passengers on scenic flights, it is used to track our iconic kiwi from the air. The photo shows one of our pilots, Matthew Matthews fitting the radio tracking aerials to special brackets on the aircrafts wings before setting out on a flight with Department of Conservation staff.

The kiwi are fitted with very small radio transmitters on their legs. The Department of Conservation Ranger on board the aircraft uses a computer attached to the aerials to track the kiwi. Once they have found them from the air the Rangers then track them on the ground, catch them and carry out health checks. At present there are 34 kiwi in the Tongariro Forest Conservation Area being tracked using radio transmitters.

This is very important conservation work and Mountain Air is proud to be able to contribute to it.


Kevin and Caroline Payne from Britain, presently living in Adelaide, Australia, enjoyed a great flight around the Tongariro National Park in mid-October. They were staying at the Turangi Leisure Lodge in Turangi where they met James, one of our pilots. The day they flew followed a period of fresh snow falls so the mountains looked fantastic. The last word is Kevin's, " The flight is well worth doing - something not to be missed. The views are exceptional and the staff friendly and professional. Thanks."

Thank-you for flying with us. We hope you had a really great holiday in New Zealand.